Associated Organisations

  • Maria's Day School, Howrah
  • Maria's Day School , South Howrah
  • Maria's Day School, Shibpur
  • Maria's Day School, Ramrajatala
  • Maria's Day School , Mourigram
  • Sureswar Dutta Law College(SDLC)

Salient Features

  •   CCE system of examination.
  •   Library facilities, digital library & E-learning system under construction mode.
  •   Reasonable fees, no capitation fees and donation.
  •   Equipped Computer Lab.
  •   Medical Clinic with Ayush approval.


The school session starts in April.The Academic Session is from April to March. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) system based on Half- Yearly and Annual Examinations with internal assessments are used to evaluate students.The pattern is set out in school diary.75% of attendance is mandatory for students.

Welcome to Maria's Group of Institutes

Welcome to Maria’s Group Of Institutes. Maria’s Day School was established in the year 1982 in the Howrah area by philanthropist, social activist and leading lawyer of Howrah Bar Late Sureswar Dutta . With the passage of time the founder body established several other schools, college, and institutes with a target of infusing of physical and human infrastructure for benefits of learners.

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    Chairman's Speech

    Journey towards excellence is an endless journey towards infinity. Quality desires to circumvent the dictates of even the vast quantity, how crude and pervasive it appears to be. The search for...

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    Mentor's Message

    I am glad to know that Maria’s Day School, South Howrah is now launching their own website.The School and Group has taken up several innovative systems of teaching, including digital...